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The Prison Meditation Project offers meditation programs in several prisons in the San Diego area. We offer transformative programs, including meditation and council practices, for those who are incarcerated and for those who serve the criminal justice system.

Meditation practice is a way to extinguish the root causes of suffering. Suffering comes from seeing the world dualistically. Attaching to this wrong view, our lives become a battle of greed and violence. Meditation is a wonderful way to break down the strong habits of mind that create the false sense of duality and cause us to suffer.

Council is another technique used by the Prison Meditation Project that facilitates non-judgmental sharing about deep feelings. It is a powerful way to break down barriers between people resulting in empathy for each other’s positions.

Through meditation we approach life from “not-knowing.” As we let go of preconceived ideas of good and bad or right and wrong, we begin to enter the great space of “not-knowing.” From this place of “not-knowing” we "bear witness" to the diversity of life without judgment. We are simply aware of things as they are. Council is a bearing witness practice in which we learn to speak and listen without judgment and from our heart. Out of bearing witness we are able to see things as they are and automatically feel moved towards "loving action" towards our self and others.*

The Prison Meditation Project is dedicated to offering this wonderful practice to those who are struggling with their lives in prison.


*not-knowing, bearing witness and loving action are from the three tenents of the Zen Peacemakers